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Originally Posted by MiThiKaL View Post
Sounds like some good advice, but my setup revolves around Charged Attack, just my preference. I would probably also like rush, but I have yet to find it in white. Do you think smash power up would benefit Charged attack? If I can get lightning enchant effect, I will put it on for sure. It seems pretty rare along with KO effect for a warrior. I heard those 2 combined are pretty nice together. Also I was thinking Ambush attack because a lot of the time people are running and I get them in the back with my dash attack, usually kills them in 2-3 dashes. Im not sure how much ambush attack lvl 3 adds, or if I would be better off with Attack up lvl 3.
Well Attack Up Lv3 is +200 attack regardless of the direction they face. Ambush attack is useless if they're shielded up against a wall.

Charged Attack sends the player flying in to the air not the enemy, so I do not believe it would benefit from Smash Power Up. For Warriors your shield Uppercut and Rush both benefit from Smash Power Up.

For clerics, just your shield uppercut.

For mages, Magical Napalm and Lightning Strike both benefit from Smash Power Up. Thought I'd put it out there for other classes for anybody whose wondering about the benefits of Smash Power Up.

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