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Originally Posted by fehag View Post
i don't understand all the people saying that this game is bad. well it doesn't have the best grafic
lol, that's exactly why people like to talk shit about First Templar. It looks and animates like a last generation title. Facial textures are also weird where they look glued on and slip around on some generic enemy models.

You're right though. The game itself is surprisingly not awful, and I think its the only game out there that attempts to offer real life history on who the templars were versus the usual OMG EVIL ILLUMINATI NWO ALIEN FREEMASON CONSPIRACY.

I also like how half the pikemen have pringles guy moustaches.

Originally Posted by Midnight Malice View Post
the controls are clunky, the combat is awful, the voice acting is laughably HORRIBLE
none of these are true. The controls are pretty good. Combat is simple and repetitive, but far from awful. The VA is stale, but you wouldn't know what horrible is unless you've witnessed a MegaCD or TurboCD game from 20 years ago.
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