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Originally Posted by RDrules View Post
see i guess this may not be everyone's way of thinking but who cares? i just banged out the achievements on a separate world before starting on 360 then played how i wanted, minecraft isn't exactly a competitive game and if you lay competitively or rankings its full of cheaters anyway so why bother, just spawn a bunch in on creative and do what you want with the world
As someone who used to be very vocal about "Dupers killing Minecraft", I agree with you about the Online Ranking being completely filled with cheaters... but some people like to keep ~personal track~ of their stats. How many mobs they've killed, how many of a block type they've broken... etc.

The thing is, and it took me ~months~ to realize this, not everyone who uses the dupe glitch, or generators, was doing it to cheat "for the sake of cheating". Although I don't see a point in things like an "Obsidian Generator", or a "Sand Generator", some people actually think they need these things, (maybe they didn't have a decent amount of Beach in their world, and ended up converting all their Sand into Sandstone, or Glass?).

I don't really care, one way or the other, what people do in their game anymore. I had all of the achievements for this game, minus three of them, within the first day or two. The achievements aren't hard at all... so that's not an issue. The only "issue", is that you lose the option to track your personal stats, because you made your world Creative. Which I think is a little much, given that Mojang and Microsoft didn't purge all the people who had 65,556 for ~all~ stats, on day one, and all the people who had very obviously glitched their rankings.

But that's just my ten cents.
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