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Originally Posted by Midnight Malice View Post
The controls are unresponsive, frequently not doing the input I gave it, there is a noticable delay when inputting a command and the action on screen, enemies frenquetly pop up already hitting me, counter timing is quite consistantly off, execution moves do not occur when they should, Coupe De Gras don't always happen when you get the prompt and press the correct button. I have had all these issues with the game.

The combat itself is slow paced and boring, which is marred by like I said above, controls that are just not crisp at all. There are better examples of hack and slash adventure for 5 bucks in the arcade.
and I didn't have any of these issues. I don't know why you're trying to convince me I did. The game is mediocre, but you're doing your damnedest to make it sound worse than it really is. you're also telling me you don't know what 'clunky' means.

also: execution moves do not occur 'when they should'? Do you mean the sneaking kills or the random executions that automatically happen when you kill the last enemy? you seriously had trouble with doing a coupe de grace? Pushing near a downed enemy. That was hard? You sound like you didn't even play this game at all.

Originally Posted by Midnight Malice View Post
Also, the voiceing is bad, I am not talking about 20 years ago, clearly if you are trying to compare a game released 2 years ago, to one released 20 years ago, you are a tad out of touch with what we should be expecting from a game these days, and pretty much invalidates anything else you say. Might as well just say, well, when you compare The First Templar to hitting a square ball back and forth with a paddle, it is pretty good!
spare me your haughty and naive rhetoric, fool. You didn't say the voice
acting was bad. I know remembering things is hard, but I'll help you out. You said:

Originally Posted by Midnight Malice View Post
the voice acting is laughably HORRIBLE
I realize reading comprehension is hard too, but I was pointing out you don't know what
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