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Thought I'd post, stop you feeling lonely on here

I've unlocked all EX2 costumes as well now, with over 40,000 RE points spare. It's good to know that points are shared across sites, but I would also like to think that there'll be some new costumes for RE6 on the way, the points they've been giving out lately are crazy, gotta be for something.

On the subject of costumes I still haven't 'received' my EX3 one in game that I unlocked during the Ogroman event. It's unlocked on but not in my game? Any ideas, or anyone have a similar issue?

Just about to jump on now to register for High Seas Dominator. Completely missed the last event! Apart from Onslaught I haven't even touch the other modes, which I'll have to to grab those lovely achievements.... If anyone wants to help clear those out of the way anytime, let me know
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