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First off he's not helping people at all. He is taking ideas and posts from other threads and inputting them into his guide. Yes I understand he is trying to help people, but at the same time just acknowledge others who may of assisted you. Same thing happened to me on here before, I posted the Bonus List for Wreckateer on here and some other jack@$$ took it as their own and posted it on TA. So instead of praising some thief, show some respect and gratitude to those who actually took to the time to figure out the solutions. Any idiot can come along and re-post it for fools like you who are too lazy to check out other threads. It's people like you who add to this issue. Same as others posting in forums requesting a guide or roadmap. If you want something done, do it yourself. But don't take credit for other peoples hard earned work and play it off like it's your own. Pathetic.
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