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Originally Posted by monchow View Post
Thanks for the guide,

Heres some tips I found while playing through.

Slice and Dice 10
Hit an enemy with the Slice and Dice knife attacks in the same turn

My "Boss" Character started with a knife and he was able to do this achievement straight away, I guess this maybe true for any of the other character who are able to wield it.

It's Getting Crowded Here 15
Unlocked 15 gang members

Can also be done in multiplayer, if you buy all the characters on the manage team screen.

This maybe possible to do with the legendary weapons aswell, but they are quite expensive so I haven't tried it.

Scarface 50
Won 25 multiplayer missions

If the other person quits out, or cancels the match at the "connecting to other player" notification, It will count as a win for yourself. you don't earn as much money, ($200 compared to the 700-800), but it makes it a lot faster to do
I did the MP missions last night using the quit method, didn't get any money at all.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.
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