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Originally Posted by Scnew View Post
I'm playing survival, I've built everything else in this world legitimately. There's one small desert that I like the look of and don't want to completely destroy, otherwise I don't have a whole lot of sand.

Sand generators don't feel like cheating to when you have to legitimately discover red stone and slimed and set up a complex circuit to make it work. Plus I already built a warehouse for it labeled SandMaster 9000.

If I can't find a working one, I'm just going to have to dig up my desert, lay down some dirt under it, and cover the top layer up again, I guess.
I can't blame you for wanting to preserve your Desert lands. Back when I still played on the 360 version, I didn't want to use generators, glitches, or "cheat" in any way... so I spent a ~lot~ of time digging up Sand and Dirt from under the Ocean. I went through a LOT of Diamond Shovels, to harvest as much Sand as I could from all over the world. Not to mention I leveled an ~entire~ mountain for Sand and Dirt, before I got desperate enough to harvest from the sea.

Not. A. Fun. Time.

Originally Posted by RDrules View Post
i guess playing PC makes it so that stuff doesnt matter since the stats n there wipe themselves all the time

i dont really care if they cheat or not now that creatives in and stupidly usable in survival worlds I just sugested this as its a lot easier than trying to find a bug that works currently and could possibly be fixed at any time to do it
Pretty much. Having to re-earn achievements, because the new update wiped ~all~ data, over, and over, and over again, made me stop caring. I have a world ~specifically~ designed to recover my achievements (minus accessing The End, and Slaying the Ender Dragon... I have to create new worlds for those).

And, yeah... given that the modified Sand Generator I designed as a: "Oh, really? You can't dupe Sand, huh?! Look at this!!!!" project, no longer works... yeah. They squish bugs pretty quickly on Minecraft now. I wonder if my "Ice Block Generator" still works.

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Inflation sure has skyrocketed...
Indeed, it has.
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