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The singleplayer only lasts so long so it's nice to get some longevity out of my game especially when I pay $60 for it. Other people might be ok with only getting 20hrs of gameplay for $60 but I'm not. I like the multiplayer. Yet again I don't really care about getting 1000g in this game. Even if I did want the 1000g if I couldn't handle MP I wouldn't get the game at all but I think not getting a game because they added more bang for your $$$ is a stupid reason not to get a game. MP is the future. (This is not a rebuttal to any one person's opinion. Evidenced by the fact that I did NOT quote anyone. This is my opinion and if you don't like that then that's okay I just don't want to hear your opinion about my opinion. I am not about to argue about this so I suggest that you don't try.)

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