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Collectable Guide (Intel/Contacts)

This is a brief guide on where you can find the collectables for this game. Most are pretty easy to find, but there may be a few that could potentially give you trouble.

They are in order of when you will come across them in the level.



Black Viper File Card: In plain sight after killing the first few foot soldiers
M.A.R.S Security Trooper File Card: After the first checkpoint you will encounter two generators. This is by the second one
M.A.R.S. Shield Technology Intel: After disabling the forcefields, just behind an outcrop on the left
Holding Pen File Card: On the way to the large steel doors, this is on the left
Ripcord Location Intel: Behind the barricades on the right before the boss fight


M.A.R.S. Defense Wall File Card: After the second checkpoint, in plain sight
Snake Eyes Location Intel: Next to the door requiring a heavy after you get the comm from Breaker
Joe Snow Cat File: Next to the Snow Cat
Joe Tanks Intel: Near the third security tower of the structure
Detention Centre File Card: Near the huge doors of the detention centre

Deckhouse Six

M.A.R.S. Security Officer Intel: On the right of the first room you enter
COBRA Nanomite Intel: In the special door after the first red ninjas
Red Ninja File Card: Behind the objects in an alcove on the left after enemies pour out of it
Serpent Battle Armour Intel: After defeating the COBRA soldiers in the round room, there is a Heavy door. This intel is inside.
Storm Shadow File Card: After defeating Shadow Storm for the first time

Cliff's Edge

Shadow Storm Training pt 1 Intel: Destroy the generator beside the mini prison to unlock the cage. This is inside
COBRA Gunship File Card: After the first checkpoint, you will need to destroy 2 generators. This file card is nearby.
Flyers Intel: Just past the forcefield you just disabled.
Satellite File Card: After defending against 5 waves of enemies, this is nearby in plain sight
Launch Site Confirmed Intel: Continue down the linear path, this is in plain sight

Rocket House

Joe Vehicles Intel: Through the Commando door at the beginning of the level
Snow Job Intel: Through the Heavy door a little further down
Teleport Device File Card: After the forcefield is down, continue down and defeat the enemies. This will be in your path
M.A.R.S. Weapons Facility File Card: In the area where you need to destroy the launch pads, on the right hand side
COBRA H.I.S.S. Modern File Card: Same area, in the back left
The Baroness File Card: After defeating The Baroness

Bonus Alpha

Flight Pod Missile File Card: In the open area with the snow cats, behind some trees on the left hand side. You need a Commando to access the door
Lift Ticket File Card: Once inside the biolab, you will come across a Combat Soldier door. There is a teleporter nearby if you don't have one. It is behind the door
Drop From Above Intel: In the computer room, destroy all computers and this one will appear

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