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Desert Jewel


Drop Box File Card: After the first big gate, next to a teleporter
Joe Runner File Card: Under some crates on a small mound near with a turret
COBRA Stinger File Card: Continuing down the canyon, next to a turret
Black Neo Viper File Card: After being introduced to Crawlers, in the left connecting hallway


BAT Manufacturing File Card: Behind a Commando door after first encountering the BATs
Apep Intel: In a cache with above
BAT Shock/BAT Factory Intel: In a cache with above
Hoverblade File Card: After defeating the gunship, through the gate then behind the building
SERPENT Battle Armour File Card: To the left after opening the massive double doors
Joe Armoured Panther Care File Card: Just after the vehicle drop point, in plain sight
Shipwreck Location Intel: After the mole machines, head towards the building and you will find this


Dusty Intel: After disabling the lasers, there is a Combat Soldier door near a teleporter with this hidden behind the containers next to it
Crawler Intel: Behind the Combat Soldier door
Tunnel Rat File Card: After the second checkpoint in the section with the four power coils, this is between the staircases in the centre


Dusty File Card: Turn around and go backwards at the beginning for this one
Bat Shock File Card: After the open area with multiple enemies, this is down a ramp on the left near a teleporter
Satellite Strike Intel: After defeating the mecha robot in the left area, there is a control panel and objects to the right for this
Agent Helix Tags: Open the Heavy door in this area
Wild Bill File Card: After checkpoint 2, where you have to destroy two generators, this is between them


Cover Intel: After turning off the forcefield over the special door, use a Combat Soldier to enter it for two items
Apep Solar Complex File Card: See above
Power Coil File Card: After the first checkpoint, kill the mecha robot, then access the Commando door for this
Joe Tiger Cat File Card: In plain sight on your way out

Bonus Delta

Tunnel Rat Intel: To the left after crossing the bridge
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