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Jungle Fuel


Night Creeper File Card: Next to the first turret you come across
Recondo Intel: A little further on, in plain sight
Joe Cougar File Card: After the gunship and the wave of enemies, on the left
Bio Lab File Card: Immediately after checkpoint 1, behind some wooden pikes to the right
Iron Grenadier File Card: After you have opened the gate, go through and it is on the right in some containers
Beachhead Tags: Next to the second power coil
COBRA Bausita: In this same area, go to the left and follow a boulder around to a small clearing with a Heaby door. This one is inside


Kamakura Tags: Play through until you come to a Commando door, this is behind it
Breaker File Card: When you get to a dead end, smash the containers up for this
Homing Missile File Card: In the room where you destroy the computers and bio tanks, destroy everything and this will appear in the middle of the room
Breaker Intel: After checkpoint 2, you will get to a research lab. Destroy everything for this one to appear


Joe Mobile Pit File Card: When you get to the open area, this is to the left
B.A.T. [Flame] File Card: Find the small path to the right of this area, this is at the end
Sgt. Flash Location Intel: You will get this after disabling the forcefield
Recondo File Card: After the first checkpoint, this will be beside a generator on the left
COBRA H.I.S.S. Original File Card: In plain sight after defeating the mecha robot
COBRA Temple Intel: Right at the end of the level, after defeating all the enemies, go through the door that opens

Primal Shrine

COBRA Crimson Attack Tank File Card: In plain sight, after abandoning the MOBAT
COBRA Ziggarut File Card: After checkpoint 1, you will come to four generators. This is behind a special door on the right
COBRA Island Intel: Further on from the last, behind another special door
Joe MOBAT File Card: On the left in the open in this area
Destro File Card: Awarded for defeating Destro

Bonus Stigma

Stalker File Card: After disabling the forcefield, follow the grey structure round for this one
Data Frame File Card: Destroy the containers before the mini-bridge, it is inside
Communication Satellite File Card: Behind the special door before continuing to the fortress
Scientist Theory Intel: After the first checkpoint, disable the lasers on the left to get to this one
Sgt Flash Tag: After checkpoint 2, you have to defeat a bunch of enemies. You will get this when they are all dead

Polar M.A.S.S.

Dial Tone File Card: After you abandon your vehicle, this is in plain sight
Dr Burkhart File Card: After checkpoint 1, find a path on the left just before the huge door to find two items
Mobile PIT Intel: See above
Radar Dish File Card: After checkpoint 2, this is sitting next to the comm tower
MASS Device Intel: Awarded for getting into the interior of the base


Flight Pod Chain Gun File Card: In plain sight from the start
COBRA Commander File Card: You will see this while blowing up the 5 generators
Accelerator Suit Intel: In the first room once you get inside

Breach PIT

Hawk File Card: After checkpoint 1, in the first room on the right
Storm Shadow Training pt 2 File Card: Awarded for completing the section between checkpoints 1 & 2

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