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Where are these "so-called" links to videos in the guide? Did the OP fail to reserve posting spots, so more details to the guide could be added at the top?

I totally agree with the few people who think an achievement guide should NOT be written before the game is ACTUALLY played! I believe this WAS a rule on "achieve 360 points . com" when posting a guide.

It seems to me, that it is more important to some of these people... to "be the first post" on this web site, be it comments on the "Latest News" section, or making an achievement guide.

For the record... listing all the achievement names and the description is NOT A GUIDE - it's just an achievement list (that may not have been the case in this thread... but it HAS occurred on this web site for other games)! The people here who do that, are just wanting to "be first!" I know these comments might seem harsh, but it's simply the truth... and the truth sometimes hurts.

For this particular guide... perhaps you HAD enough details to "think" you were prepared to post an accurate guide, but you have to be honest and ask yourself... what was more important to you - being the "first" to post a guide, or that a guide was created that was complete and accurate for other users to use?

I'm sorry that I'm also using this post to "get on my soapbox..." but it irks me that MOST of the achievement guides that I've tried to use here, were merely "achievement lists" and weren't even arranged in the order that the achievements are unlocked! I've seen a few that were updated, but most of the OP's of guides do not know how to handle ANY criticism (instead of JUST FIXING the problem... they get defensive). People on this web site ALWAYS gripe about bugs that game developers fail to catch, but when these same people get upset that users gripe about flaws in achievement guides they've written... I think there's a real problem there!

All I can say is (this is in conclusion)... that if you DON'T want to hear people complain about your achievement guides... DON'T write a guide that is likely to cause complaints! Trying to be first to post a guide - for the sake of being first... is childish, and the moderators/owners of this web site should ACTUALLY set some solid rules in place, regarding people posting first - JUST to be the first to post. I appreciate the effort made, but a thicker skin should be a requirement for people who write achievement guides (which "technically" should be a "walkthrough"). When I come to this site for an achievement guide... I'm expecting play-by-play instructions, screen-shots or videos - and probably spoilers. When I know I can figure out how to unlock achievements on my own (because the descriptions for them are straight-forward)... I don't come here to see "who got to be first to post an achievement list!"

That said... the guide looks mostly complete (confusing as the ENTIRE thread is). Would it be "possible" to write a NEW achievement guide/walkthrough... get that stickied and have this one UNstickied? There's too much crap-postings here (no offense to the people who had their gripes) that make it a mess... and it seems the OP needs a couple of extra "reserved" posting spots to account for revisions!
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