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Originally Posted by jamesbong1983 View Post
What's good about this game

1. The script of the game is more like a movie.
2. There are slight improvement in graphics
3. (Some of you may disagree) I like the idea of carrying 1 melee weapon at a time, it makes me feel more like reality.
4. Side quests

What's bad about this game


1. The game has a complete storyline. (Murphy want to revenge for his son dead end up harming a good man as well) But I think the game should describe more on the following areas:

(a) Relationship between Murphy and his wife Carol
(b) Why Murphy should be partially responsible for his son dead
(c) Why Frank is a good man, and harming him will make Murphy feel guilty.
(d) How does the story fit with the title of the game "Downpour"


1. Poor combat system
2. It destroy the whole idea of otherworld. Otherworld should be a weird place with lots of monsters, but not a place full of traps.
I finally decided to pick this game up and I'm at the very end. The last time I rented it, I got all the way to the final chase sequence and I gave up because of the awful checkpoint system.

That being said, I have nothing good to say about this game. I didn't have an ounce of fun with it.
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