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Originally Posted by gmurda33 View Post
this isnt the thread for posting noob boosting sessions. you all need to get out of this thread. scrubs.
What if we're coming here for the lulz?

Originally Posted by WickedD365 View Post
What's to lol at? The truth?

Well tell that to the assholes who mastery boost Javalin and Claymores and Stingers.
We're just getting 20 kills, not like we're going for mastery or something. And we are all dying while doing this too. Only get 15 kills in the + column.
Seriously? Who in the world boosts Claymores???

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box.

Oh wait...

Step 1: Place Claymore in high traffic area. For example: A doorway.
Step 2: Wait for it...
Step 3: Profit.

Originally Posted by WickedD365 View Post
I remember that and I stand behind what I said. He plays cheap in the chopper. Flys just off the ground to avoid locks and just sweeps. It ruins the game. How am I suppose to enjoy a game when one asshole in a chopper is just sweeping back and forth and killing me everytime I spawn? I'm not. Nobody would enjoy that.
I hate vehicle camping. Come at with a knife and a pistol like a man. That's why I play TDM mostly. No vehicle BS to deal with.
He doesn't play cheap. He's simply one of the best pilots in the game and he can pilot for me any day!

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