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Have you guys played the first game RECENTLY?

I really liked the first game, but come on, the second one is WAY better. I only played these games because my friend told me how *great* it was....

I played the first game years ago and hated it, stopped after the first this past month I played BOTH games (aka its fresh in my mind).

Now, the first game is very good. The story is good and I like the style (although I also like the second games style as well). Love the underworld levels too.....but overall it doesn't compare to this game.

First of all, using guns in the first game SUCKS. Never mind not having iron sights, the red dot cross hair and clunky controls sucked. Using the Darkness (demon arm for example) also wasn't that great in the first game either. The controls are EXTREMELY tight in this game. Nothing ground breaking but they work, and make the game fun.

And, to the people who liked the open worldiness of the previous game, why?! Its not like that world is inhabited by anybody. Outside of the subway its just an empty world of nothing....

Just my .02 cents. Darkness had a cool story/atmosphere but what 2 lost in a shorter story/less dark atmosphere in made up for in the game actually be EXTREMELY FUN to play.
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