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Originally Posted by MeonOner View Post
- Hard to get: Avoid 100 Jiang Shi bites
I did this on the beginning as I was already aware you can't replay missions contrary to the main game and it's pretty easy to get, you can get ~10 for each guy and so get it in a couple of minutes.

Originally Posted by MeonOner View Post
- Vampire Hunter: Kill 200 Jiang Shi
- Demon Hunter: Kill 20 Yaoguai
- Demonic Exorcism: Kill 15 Yaoguai sith with the Peachwood Sword
I did this on the final mission. You can have infinite Jiang Shi spawn as long as you don't close the energy source (two energy sources in the mission).

About the Yaoguai, there are two of them in the final mission and you get a sword just before to kill both of them (you get a sword by closing an energy source).

Once you defeated both Yaoguai with the swords, save the game then reload it, you'll restart before the last mission. Start it again, kill both Yaoguai again with the swords, save, reload, etc... Probably faster than waiting for the purple circle to spawn on the map.

By the way, when you save then reload with a sword, you respawn with a sword.

Of course, you need to have a save before the end to do that, personally I did a manual save before as I already known that the missions couldn't be replayed and got the three awards pretty fast (3-4 reloading).

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