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Originally Posted by RedZone View Post
The day stages started out awesome, but like I said, strayed too deep into trial-and-error territory. The night stages may not have been awful by themself, but they were nothing but slowing plodding padding to fill out the rest of the game, which at the time was something fans did NOT want.

That's fine that you like the OST and levels, but we have had much better befor and after SU. And when it comes to story, both Adventures had stories that were much better told than Unleashed, as well as the absence of an annoying Navi-esque sidekick.
I didn't feel this way with Night stages at all, they were a nice distraction. Besides, you could easily complete some stages within 10 minutes, not counting exploring so it doesn't slow down the game too much.

Also, talking about a sidekick, I prefer Chip anyday over Omochao. Chip may not have been the best character the Sonic universe has seen, but his friendship between Sonic was great, you could just feel it.

Back to the story, I thought it was well explained. It wasn't just blowing up the earth, the end. No, it was done with a reason. It was done to awaken Dark Gaia, which would help Eggman realize his plans (but failed).

Adventure 1 story: Awaken Chaos, give him chaos emeralds so he will grow and help Eggman realize his plans (but failed too)

If you look at them side by side, they aren't much different in plot telling, it just got different elements.

Sure, I prefer Adventure 2's story over Unleashed, but that doesn't mean Unleashed had a bad story.

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