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Gamertag: Colin Devaney

Isn't it a shame some of these online achievements are silly? This is a great game, and although I might lose all my hair trying for 'The Shadows Rushed Me' one, I know my skills online leave a lot to be desired.

I'm looking for some people to help me with the following achievements:

Deathmatch Challenge
Dearest Of All My Friends
Air Ace
Express Checkout
Long Arm Of The Law
60 Seconds Of Intimidation
Long Arm Of The Lawless
Bar Brawler
Welcome Ashore
Drinker's Revenge
3 Blind Mice
Sweaty Betty
Breaking And Entering

Some of these I might get lucky with playing normally, but a lot of people don't play the DLC maps. I'm happy to help others with their niggling achievements too. My gt is Colin Devaney and I'm on most evenings and weekends 6pm-11pm UK time.
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