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Originally Posted by DMV View Post
Name: The Glacier
Description: Weight 9 Super Premium Weapon For Cleric
Orange Buff Smash Effect
3 Extra Open Slots (Total of 4 slots)
Starting Attack: 338

I know they added other new premium items in the Happy Cards selection.
Yep, bought happy tickets the day they added them - got the apollo suit and helmet - not had the chance to add them up yet. As you may suspect, I didn't get the new super premium weapon they added (so don't know what it is) and the new shield didn't come up for me either. Still 2/4. I have about 4 apollo suits though. Lame!

UPDATE: "The Glacier" (Super Prem) "Apollo Helmet" (New Prem) and "Apollo Suit" (New Prem) have all been added. I can provide pictures for the apollo stuff but they're prem and I'm concentrated on super prem images for the moment.

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