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Thumbs up Achievement Guide + Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 19/20 (195)
-Online: 11/20 (5)
-Approximate amount of time to 200:gsion:: ~40 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
-Number of missable achievements: No.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: No
-Does difficulty affect achievements: No
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed: No

There are no difficulty settings for the game and there are no cheat codes so you'll just need to practice. All of the achievements, apart from one, can be gained by playing through career events and quick play so you'll only need to go online the once, for the online achievement.

Abbreviated Walkthrough
You'll want to go through the career events first, getting three stars in all of the events. The earlier ones are very easy and gradually, they get harder and harder. If you're having trouble with any of them, carry on and come back to it later when you've saved some cash up and upgraded your cars. Once you've 3-starred all of the career events, you will want to clear up some of the miscellaneous achievements such as 'ADRENALINE ACTIVATION' and 'HAWAIIAN SURF'. If you've completed all of the career events to 3 stars, you'll want to carry on playing quick play or multiplayer to get your rank up to rank 80. A quick way I've found of gaining REP is starting up a drift quick play. - you'll earn around 30k-40k REP every race.

Carry on playing and save up your money and buy all 20 of the cars and all of their upgrades. This is the most time consuming achievement to do, and the best method I've found to gain cash is again, drift quick play. The race lasts 3 minutes and you gain around $100k every race. Once you've saved up a good chunk of cash, go to the shop and have a lovely spending spree!

Giving Windows Phone a nice breath of fresh air for gaming, Asphalt 7: Heat looks awesome and plays great too. With online multiplayer, the game is sure to keep you hooked for a while! The achievements aren't hard at all and only one of them will keep you grinding for all of the upgrades.

Achievement Guide:
Enter Adrenaline mode with the DeLorean DMC-12

This is a simple one! Buy the DeLorean DMC-12 from the Tier 1 car category, start up a quick match and save up your nitro. When your nitro bar is full, simply activate your adrenaline and the achievement will pop!

Spend over 1000000 Dollars on a new car

As you progress through the career events, you’ll unlock cars to buy. At the end of cup 10 or 11 you unlock a car that will cost $1.2M. Save up your cash and then go buy it from the shop! The achievement is yours!

Buy all Lamborghinis

You'll need to complete 12 of the 13 career events to unlock one of the Lambos, so you'll need to play through this first. Once you've unlocked all six cars, you simply need to save up enough money to buy them all. To see which ones you still need, tap on 'sticker book' and sort the cars by brands.

Reach a top speed over 550km/h

You will most probably get this without even trying by playing through the career events. If you still need to get it, upgrade one of the Tier 7 cars’ speed, acceleration and nitro and go crazy on a track.

Perform a 1000 m Drift in HAWAII

About ¾ of the way through the track, you’ll come to a boost pick-up and a bridge. As soon as you get off the bridge, you want to stick to the right of the track and go in to a drift. There is about 1,100m of track here with a nice curve so it’s rather simple to pull off.

Reach REP rank 5

See ‘MAD REP’.

Buy all cars

Exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll need to complete all of the career cups for all of the cars to unlock, then you will need to save up money (and plenty of it) the cars range from $30k up to $2.5M. Keep racing online and with computers to gain those extra dollars!

Win a Normal Race without using Nitro

Start up a normal race in quick play, upgrade a car’s speed and acceleration and simply win a race without using your nitro. I believe Moscow is the shortest track with the ability to do a lap in less than one minute with a Tier 7 car. Some people have reported that you just need to place in 3 events in a row (1st, 2nd or 3rd).

Perform 1 Unstoppable during a single Adrenaline mode

Save up your nitro until your nitro bar is full. Once full, activate your adrenaline and smash into a random car. BOOM! Easy as that!

Buy all Upgrades

The achievement that is going to take you some time! You need to buy all upgrades for all cars. There are 20 cars with 36 upgrades on each and every one of them. With the upgrades costing around $15k to $20k a pop, it’s going to cost more than $10M to unlock.

Unlock all decals

This will unlock when you hit rank 80.

Share on Facebook 3 time(s)

After each race/event you complete you will get the option to share your results to the world. Simply hit share and select just Facebook or Facebook and Twitter and then post. If you don’t have Facebook, you can simply hit share, then press your phone’s back button to trick the game in to thinking you have actually shared!

Win 3 online events in a row

Simply win 3 events online, in a row. If you’re having trouble with this one, you can use two Windows Phones and create a private game for yourself but it’s not too tough! Some people have reported that you just need to place in 3 events in a row (1st, 2nd or 3rd).

Perform 3 Traffic Control(s) in NORMAL RACE

When you hit in to the back of cars going the same direction as you, you achieve rep for ‘traffic controller’. All you have to do it perform three of these in one race and you’ll be 10G better off!

Earn all Stars in Career events

Just like a lot of games now, you’ll need to achieve three stars in every single career event. Some will be tricky, some will be a piece of cake. The one piece of advice I can give it upgrade your cars all the time and you’ll glide through them all.

Earn more than 20000000 Dollars over the course of your racing career

You’ll earn cash all the time, every race, no matter what. This is over your career lifetime so it doesn’t matter if you want to buy some cars and/or upgrades. To check how much you have earned, use the Asphalt Tracker to see.

Perform 60 Knockdowns

A knockdown is when you make your opponents crash into walls and wreck their cars. There are several career events that get you to play round of Beat ‘Em All where you can earn these knockdowns. An easy way to achieve knockdowns is wait until your nitro is full and smash into any opponents you see. When you’re in adrenaline mode, any car that touches you will be wrecked.

Use 5 Sponsor(s)

Before you start a race, you can buy sponsors to help you increase your rep, nitro, adrenaline and so on. Buy them before all of your races and when you’ve bought five the achievement will unlock.

Reach REP rank 50

See ‘MAD REP’.

MAD REP – 10
Reach REP rank 80

Not too tricky but a little time consuming! You’ll rank up really quick playing through career events, so focus on that first. If you’ve completed the career events and you need to earn more rep, a nice and easy way is to start up a drifting quick play on any course and buy the extra REP sponsor. Build up big combos and you’ll achieve 30k-50k rep every race.

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