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Originally Posted by KosmicParadox View Post
Ok i've sent a message to some of you guys and so far I've got down as interested: Barnaby14, Robbo1991 and fafhniel. I think it may have to be a weekend thing because fafhniel is central time and it doesn't mesh with the late evening times. It's been a long time since I've played AC online, what's the minimum you need? Also Robbo needs to level up first so if any of you want to help with that first let me know. Once we've got an idea of when to play we'll work out what achievements people are going for and plan something out. If this goes well anyone who still needs Brotherhood cheevos can group up too.
I'd like to help. I also need to level up (lever 13 at the moment) before I can try some of the other achievements (Need all of the DLC achievements except The Vulture).
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