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Legendary Skills?

Okay, most of you have probably seen the patch news by now.

(If you haven't here is a link to the news article: )

As part of the "Legendary" patch there will be a system put in place where you can make a skill "legendary" and set it back down to 15 (from 100). Your perks get taken out of this skill and (I guess) can be reassigned.

Essentially this eliminates the leveling cap.

So, who cares?

Honestly, once you're at the level cap and have good gear your Health, Stamina and Magicka don't matter at all. Unless you're going pure mage and limiting your gear to robes and stuff.

Is anyone actually going to make use of this as anything other then an opportunity to re-spec (without having to do the Dragonborn stuff)?

On the other hand, the Legendary difficulty setting sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe a current gen Elder Scrolls game will actually be challenging for once!

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