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Very exciting news. Apparently the update isn't live yet, this is my theory for now:

When a skill reaches 100, you have the option to turn the skill 'Legendary'. Think 'Prestige' like COD games. Only you can only 'Legendary' a skill once! Once a skill is marked legendary, it drops back down to 15, all points invested into said skill are put back in the players skill pool for reallocating, and you can begin building that skill back to 100.
As you progress the skill, you will gain more regular experience towards your overall character level which will unlock new levels and Additional skill points.

Keep in mind, at higher character level it takes more individual skill progress to level up overall. I also believe that you will only be able to Legendary each skill once. Soooo if you are level 81, maxed out, and reset all skills to legendary, ultimately recap all skills at Legendary 100, I believe you will only obtain enough extra xp to reach character lvl 100, thus adding an additional 19 skill points to allocate before you are maxed out again.
Of course, i could be wrong and the extra xp could push way beyond character lvl 100 +that many additional points. It just would seem like a perfect number to max out at, and if they scaled it correctly and playtested it for the last x months, it would make sense that it works this way.

Anyways, that is my hope. Thank you anyone who took the time to read that. Can't wait to see how it finally works! Please update us once someone has concrete info & or a working version
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