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Did the achievement glitch on your account?

Did you start out on SuperSoldier Difficulty?
no, I played through the whole campaign, first on Normal difficulty

Did the Veteran 3/7 achievement unlock?
yes, but NOT the SS 3/7 achievement

Did you access the tutorial from a new game or through the menu?
via the new game

Prior to campaign completion, did you replay missions through mission select?
I completed the campaign on Normal first. Then replayed missions (on Easy) for misc achievements. Then started new campaign on SS

If it didn't unlock initially, how did you finally get it to pop?
I still haven't managed to unlock the SS 3/7 achievement

Did you press the X button to skip cutscenes either at the end of a chapter or during a mission briefing?

Played initially on Normal all the way through. Then missions select several missions on Easy for misc achievements.

Then new game, with tutorial, on SS. SS 3/7 achievement did not unlock. I continued on, and SS 7/7 achievement unlocked at campaign completion.

I started new game, with tutorial, on SS, again. Right at the end of mission 3, I copied the save files over to the USB stick. I continued on from the HDD save file, completed mission 3, but the achievement did NOT unlock. I copied the USB files back over to HDD, tried it again, but still did NOT unlock.

Notes 2:
I did Normal (full), SS (full) then SS (until mission 4) and SS 3/7 did not unlock. I deleted (from both USB and from HDD) both my content cache and save file and started new game on SS. I did the tutorial again. I did not skip any scenes with X. When I got to the end of mission 3, I backed up content cache and save file to USB. I then finished mission 3, and the SS 3/7 achievement finally unlocked.

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