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Originally Posted by Skillet View Post
Legendary skills are right up my alley. When I first started playing skyrim, I wanted to create a character that could switch from being a Mage, to a Warrior, to a Thief, and be equally competent at all of them. I thought that it may be possible because of the way the skill system worked, but was quickly proven wrong. Being abale to re-spec in Dragonborn was a cool addition, and after that, I was hoping they would add in a use for excess Dragon Souls that allowed you to use them for extra perks.

Being able to reset skills while retaining the perks and leveling up more is just fine for me. One thing some people are forgetting is that this means you'll be able to add even more points toward Health/Magicka/Stamina as well.
So does this mean, eventually a person with enough health. Can deliberately attack any Greybeard's and survive? Cus thats the first thing that popped in my mind. After reading about this update.
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