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Heavy-weight Champion 30
Defeated Abadede in Stage 4 single-handedly with Max in Streets of Rage 2.

Either play through naturally or use the level select to go directly to stage 4, using Max as your character. You will meet Abadede pretty soon after you start the level. If playing on easy difficulty he is a pretty straightforward fight, giving little resistance to Max's massive power. This will unlock as soon as he is defeated.

Declawer (Part II) 20
Defeated the clawed Zamza in Stage 3 single-handedly with Skate in Streets of Rage 2

With Skate as your selected character, get to Stage 3 naturally or using the level select cheat, and near the end you will have to fight Zamza. He is not too tough, use your special attacks to make light work of him. This will unlock once he is defeated.

Declawer (Part I) 20
Defeated the clawed Souther in Round 2 single-handedly with Adam in Streets of Rage

With Adam as your character, use the level select or play through until stage two, and as you progress you will fight a clawed Souther. Use your special attacks and grapple him to make light work of him. This will unlock once you have defeated him.

Beautiful, Yet Deadly 30
Defeated Round 5's Mona & Lisa single-handedly with Blaze in Streets of Rage.

Using Blaze, get yourself to stage 5 using level select or playing through. You will get to a boss fight with Mona & Lisa, Blaze's twin sisters. They can be annoying to defeat as they jump around a lot. A good tactic is to wait until they jump at you then move back and attack them when they land. Utilize your special attack to drain some health before you finish them off.

Cat-like Reflexes 20
Performed a recovery after being thrown in Streets of Rage.

When you are being thrown, you need to press so you land on your feed. The guys in the yellow coats on SOR1 will try to throw you a lot, as will Mona & Lisa on stage five. The window for pressing it is pretty small, but you will be thrown quite a bit so won't be much of a challenge. It is advisable to go for the other achievements and come back to this if you don't have it at the end.

Eyes in the Back of Your Head 20
Threw an enemy in Streets of Rage

For this achievement, you also need to let an enemy grab you from behind. Once they have you grabbed, press the D-Pad in desired direction and the attack button at the same time to throw the enemy.

A very easy way to unlock this achievement is to start up a two player co-op game. Right as the game starts, stand there and have player two walk up behind you and grab you (looks like a warm hug from behind). Once they have you grabbed, press the D-Pad in the desired direction and the attack button at the same time to throw the enemy

A Display of Strength 20
Used the special moves and attacks of every character in every game (hidden characters excluded).

For this achievement, you need to use each characters special attacks. For SOR1, you just need to hit (or whatever you have assigned for special) with each character. In SOR 2 and SOR 3, you need to do the attacks, the offensive specials (+) and the the blitz attacks (). You need to do this for every character in every game. You can exit out pressing after each character if you so wish, it will still recognize that it has been done.

Syndicate Cover 100
Cleared every game

This is unlocked for completing all three games. You can either play through at your own pace or use the level select to go straight to stage 8 or SOR1 and SOR2. On SOR3 you can only jump to stage 7. Once you get to the credits screen on each game, make sure you press to save to make sure the game registers the fact you have reached the end.

A Hair's Breadth 40
Saved General "The Chief"Peterov single-handedly with Zan in Streets of Rage 3.

This is for getting to Peterov before he dies. Remember for SOR3, the Japanese ROM will make this easier. Getting to him is pretty easy to do, but the quickest route is as follows:

As soon as you waste the robots, head left into the elevator and head down twice. Go right into the room, kill the two mooks and go into the middle door. Clear the room, kill the mooks again after exiting then go up one floor.
Kill the two gunmen and head into the middle door again. This room is a carbon copy of the previous one. Once you clean house, dash right to the Chief. No need to kill the mooks.

This achievement will unlock as soon as stage 7 starts up. You can use any character for this.

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