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Their games are fun... but JFC the bugs just won't go away. Having to play any game with 10 rotating saves just to cover your ass when (not if, WHEN) the game gets broken in this day and age is infuriating.

Both Hearthfire and Dawnguard have been completely busted for me and I've had to keep my laptop up just for workarounds.

Yes, a blast to play, but I do think there are some internal QA issues over there that haven't gotten better since fucking Terminator.

I don't buy the whole "the game is SOO BIG there are going to be tons of bugs!" argument. Other games have open worlds, they just have better NPC scripting. No cause for a plot-progression quest NPC being permanently aggressive just because you clicked on the exact item you are supposed to click on to free the guy (Dawnguard and Dexion).

I'll keep buying their games, but I ALWAYS buy them on discount and only pay 1/2 price for DLC simply because of nonsense like that.
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