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Originally Posted by Jesuit007 View Post
I think I'm missing something. So if I legendary my combat skills I get my perks back... cool. I can now be a mage. Now I level up my combat skills again, earning new perks.

Won't this break even? What am I missing?

Lets say you currently have 10 perks in...smithing (just making up numbers here). You reset it back to 15 getting all of those perk points back. You can put those 10 perks into anything you want.

So you put 5 of those into perks into 1-Hand. You save the other 5 to put back into smithing when you meet the requirements.

Then you level your smithing back up to 100 gaining...Lets say 5 levels (I honestly don't know who many it would actually be).

You combine those 5 new perk points with the 5 you saved and you get back the original 10 perks you had in smithing. Plus you now have 5 you didn't have in 1-Hand

So, no. It doesn't even out. Even if the leveling doesn't even out like in my example you will always end up with more perks then when you started once you level back up whatever you reset. The perks will just be distributed differently.

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