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Originally Posted by Skillet View Post
Why do you have to be questing to grind enemies? The dungeons all respawn, so you can revisit them to level up your skills again.
I would personally find that boring hitting the same cave for the 5th time just to gain skills. The main bosses don't respawn to the best of my knowledge.

Since I have racked up close to 700 hours thru 5 or more characters and on both PS3 and X-Box, doing the same cave another time just for points , seems pointless. (Maybe I should install the PC version to finally start that so can say that I played all platforms)

Don't get me wrong I enjoy Skyrim (why else 700+ hours) , but it needs to have new content, which I understand is coming....

I hope the enemies continue to continue to level up otherwise it will be 1 swing of sword and next....
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