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Gem of a Card 10
Got a ★x 5 Ninja Info Card.

You should obtain this at the end of prologue.

Team Ultimate Finisher 10
Finished a match with Team Ultimate Jutsu.

A team ultimate requires you to be in support drive; which is obtained by using your supports in battle. Using them builds up a bar next to your health and chakra bars. Once you have the on screen prompt that an ultimate jutsu can finish your opponent; hit +++ to initiate the jutsu. The hit box for the jutsu won't be the same, instead you and your supports will charge the enemy. If any one of you hit the enemy, the jutsu triggers.

Take This!!! 10
Performed an Ultimate Jutsu Finish.

You need to finish off your opponent with any character's ultimate jutsu. Certain characters in ultimate adventure don't have ultimate jutsus; although its just a small handful that are like that. An ultimate jutsu requires your chakra bar to be near full (just passed the notch in the bar). Once you have enough chakra built up hit ++ to initiate the jutsu. Each character's ultimate jutsu have different hit boxes, so pay mind to how the jutsu acts when trying to hit your opponent.

Taijutsu Master 10
Performed a 50-hit combo.

This is easily done by doing Hinata's ninjutsu. I easily got 60 hit combos with it. Simply go into free battle, choose Hinata and pick an opponent of your liking. Once the battle starts let the opponent get close; then charge up your chakra by hitting + to perform the 64 palms rotation. If you fully catch them in the jutsu you should get over a 60 hit combo; netting you the achievement.

Magnificent Victory 10
You won the battle with a full health bar.

Simply do not lose any health and win a fight. I got this pretty easy using Bijuu mode Naruto after obtaining in ultimate adventure against Killer Bee.

Blasting Off 10
Performed a Ring-Out KO.

If you don't get it naturally use the cloud ravine map and use Naruto and his rasengan technique. The rasengan will send an enemy flying once they are hit with hit it. In order for the arena to "let you out" you will need to hit roughly the same spot 3 times; once to crack it, again to break it, then again to send them out.

Creeping Shadow 10
Used rear attack feature in a mob battle.

During a mob fight you will get a button prompt to hit and this will dash you to another opponent; unlocking the achievement.

Ruler of the Battlefield 10
Triggered Burst Attack in a mob battle.

During a mob battle you will have a bar filling up as you fight, once the bar is full you will get a prompt saying you can use a burst attack. Hit ++ to trigger the burst attack, this starts a series of on screen prompts to attack surrounding enemies. Once the burst has ended the achievement will unlock.

Ninja World Traveler 10
Visited all villages.

I did this after the main story was over and was in free roam mode. You can also pay teleporter ninja 1000 ryo to teleport you to different locations including the other villages. You do have to walk the paths anyways though to get all the timeline pages.

Villages to visit:
  • Village Hidden in the Leaves
    -Starting village.
  • Village Hidden in the Clouds
    -Go right, out of the front gate of The village hidden in the leaves.
    -Through the training grounds
    -Get to the Docks, tell the man to take you to the western land of lightning.
    -Go up the stairs.
    -At the intersection turn north and take the right path.
    -Follow the path until you see a fork in the road next to a waterfall.
    -Take the Northern route and then cross the bridge.
  • Village Hidden in the Sand
    -Go left, out of the front gate of The village hidden in the leaves.
    -Into the desert
    -Keep following the path until you see the entrance gate.
    -Head through the entrance gate.

First Championship 20
You won your first tournament.

This one is really simple; just go to free battle on the main menu, select tournament, free tournament, single match (or team if you want support characters), number of players 4, difficulty on super easy, then pick the character you would like to use and then pick your 3 opponents (or use the random select). All you need to do is win both fights and the achievement will unlock.

Historian 60
Completed the Ninja World Timeline.

First you need to collect all the pages of the timeline while in free roam mode and ultimate adventure.
First chance you get talk to Shikaku (Shikamaru's Dad) in the large square area of the hidden leave village. He gives you a quest to finish your timeline. Activating this quest allows you to see the golden scrolls (timeline pages) The locations of the scrolls are largely relevant to the fight they unlock.

Please refer to this post on how to get the timeline pages:

Consummate Storm Master 0
You released all achievements.

Just unlock all the other achievements in the game and this one will unlock along side the last one you unlocked.

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