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Originally Posted by Matt36 View Post
Sith Master (100GS Points) Complete Game- Sith Master difficulty.

Do not change the difficulty after the game has started. Simply beat the game on the Sith Master difficulty, which is not simple. This will unlock after you have beaten the game once before.

In my opinion, when you get to the Death Star level, ignore most of the people as trying to pause and fight them will only get you killed more and more. When the time comes to choose between the Emperor or Darth Vader to finish off, choose Darth Vader. He is easier to kill. Just upgrade your Force Repulse to 3 and do that to him every chance you get. He'll be dead before you know it.

NOTE: You can cheat yet still get the Achievement. Do the following:

A. Go to "Input Code" and put in the following cheats:

KATARN - Maximum Force Powers
JOCASTA - All Force Talents
MOLDYCROW - All Combos

B. Reach a checkpoint. A checkpoint is known to be reached when you see the "Saving" at the top.

C. After reaching the checkpoint, die.

D. Exit to the Main Menu.

E. Select "Continue Game."

F. When the game is loaded, press Start and then "Save Game."

G. Pull up the Xbox360 Guide, press Y (Dashboard) and go to the Dashboard.

H. Start the game back up and click "Continue Game."

I had to reformat that whole thing to make sense of it. Does it work then?
Just followed the instructions and it worked here.
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