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Originally Posted by ecto69 View Post
The only thing that makes this strange is that if you reset a skill to 15 , and want to take it back to 100, would this even be possible if there are no quests left. I mean there are not many quests when you have completed almost all content in game.

Beating up legendary dragons to gain XP is not fun any more at high level.

Also if you reset lets say your heavy armor skill to 15 does that mean you no longer have any of the perks. So your 350 Armor drops back to 150 or what ever it was before the increases.
Originally Posted by ecto69 View Post
I would personally find that boring hitting the same cave for the 5th time just to gain skills. The main bosses don't respawn to the best of my knowledge.

Since I have racked up close to 700 hours thru 5 or more characters and on both PS3 and X-Box, doing the same cave another time just for points , seems pointless. (Maybe I should install the PC version to finally start that so can say that I played all platforms)

Don't get me wrong I enjoy Skyrim (why else 700+ hours) , but it needs to have new content, which I understand is coming....

I hope the enemies continue to continue to level up otherwise it will be 1 swing of sword and next....

If you can reset a skill more then once (which I doubt) then the solution would be to just reset smithing and enchantment over and over again. Those are easy to level from 15-100 quickly if you know what you are doing. If you can reset those over and over again (again I think it is unlikely that you will be able to do this) then you could do that to get every single perk in the game relatively quickly without ever having to grind out combat.
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