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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 11 Achievements - 330
-Online: 1 Achievement - 70
-Approximate amount of time to 400: 5-6 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed:
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Singleplayer gradually gets harder.
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? None

-Release - 8th March 2013
-Price: 1200msp

Welcome to WRC Powerslide, developed by Milestone, they have approached the game with a top down camera perspective to add an arcade feel to the game with the addition of power ups the player can use such as Hailstorm, Cloud of Dust, Thunderbolt & Nitro for a fun and frantic racing experience all with the modern day WRC cars/teams with a multiplayer mode included to keep the racing fresh.

A few tips -
  • You can earn all the Power Up achievements apart from Improvised Slide in multiplayer quick matches.
  • Save your power ups, especially shields and nitro. Don't use them as soon as you collect them as they may benefit more when other opponents use power ups on you.
  • If you're still having trouble with the AI constantly using power ups on you, you can turn the power ups off completely in the options on the main menu.
  • The power ups you gain will depend on your position in the race, if you're in first place then you will only earn power ups that benefit a player in first place such as nitro (Flatout), shield (Extreme Pace) & Cloud which blinds any opponent behind you. Therefore, you must be in 2nd, 3rd or 4th place to acquire power ups such as Horn Power, Hailstorm & Thunderbolt but you can still earn any of the other power ups even if you aren't in first place.
  • Use for handbrake around tight corners to maintain speed and start a drift, especially around hairpin turns as you will encounter many of them. Use to respawn your car in case you crash, spin out or end up in a muddle.
  • The best car in terms of performance for each class are; WRC - CitroŽn DS3 WRC/Team CitroŽn Total WRT. Class 2 - Ford Fiesta S2000/team Yazeed Racing. Class 3 - Mitsubishi EVO X/Team Benito Guerra. You will unlock better cars (Crews) as you progress and win gold medals in the stages.
Power Up Directory -


Singleplayer -
Approximately half of the achievement list (6 achievements) are tied to using power ups. Power ups show up as spinning signs with exclamation marks throughout the track in races, you drive through these and you can use them instantly but beware, your opponents can also use them on you as well which is very frequent on this game in the last few stages.

You need to use the Flatout & Horn Power power ups 3 times each in a single race (not both power ups in a single race, just 3 uses of the same power up). You need to use the Extreme Pace, Thunder Bolt & Hailstorm power ups 10 times but these are accumulative across all events. The most specific one is the Cloud power which you must use only once but has to be in a Special Stage within the Wales Rally GB, which is the last stage on the singleplayer.

Ultimately, you need to 100% the single player in order to earn Rally king which means you need to earn a gold medal in every Rally. This will unlock 4 achievements of which 3 are specific to earning a gold medal in the Vodafone Rally de Portugal, Rally Guanajuato Mexico & Rallye de France - Alsace.

Multiplayer -
There is only one multiplayer achievement in the game International Rallyist which requires you to accumulate 45 minutes of total racing time in multiplayer events.

Improvised Slide - 20
Use the "Cloud" Power-Up in a Special Stage in the Wales Rally GB

The Cloud power up releases heavy fumes behind your car, blinding any opponent behind you. You must use this power up once in Wales Rally GB which is the very last Rally in the singleplayer.

To the edge... and beyond! - 20
Use the "Flatout" Power-Up 3 times in the same race

This power up gives a powerful acceleration boost (nitrous). You will most likely get this by chance before moving onto the second stage. Can be unlocked in multiplayer races.

The wall of sound - 20
Use the "Horn Power" Power-Up 3 times in the same race

This power up will launches a sphere shaped shockwave that will hit and spin out the opponent in front of you. You can't pick this power up if you're in first place. Can be unlocked in multiplayer races.

Crazy pace - 20
Use the "Extreme Pace" Power-Up 10 times in total

This power up will enable a red shield to your car that protects you from enemy attacks, it will also increase your max speed for a few seconds essentially giving you a small speed boost. Hitting an opponent with this power up in use will knock them off the track as well. This is the most frequent power up you will collect, regardless of the position you're in. Can be unlocked in multiplayer races.

As fast as lightning - 20
Use the "Thunder Bolt" Power-Up 10 times in total

This power up will unleash a bolt of lightning from above on whoever is in first place, which will dramatically slow them down. You if you collect this power up while in first place, the bolt will hit the AI behind you. Can be unlocked in multiplayer races.

Bad weather today... - 20
Use the "Hailstorm" Power-Up 10 times in total

This power up sprinkles hailstorm above all 3 other opponents which slows them down completely. Can be unlocked in multiplayer races.

Flying start - 20
Win a Special Stage in Single Player mode

You will unlock this after winning the very first race in the "Rallye Mote-Carlo" Rally, in any class.

Gravel king - 40
Win all the gold medals in the "Vodafone Rally de Portugal"

This is the 3rd Rally out of 9 available in the singleplayer. You need to win all 3 Special Stages in any WRC, Class 2 & Class 3 category car. That's 9 gold medals. Difficulty rating 3/5.

Hairpin king - 40
Win all the gold medals in the "Rally Guanajuato Mexico"

This is the 6th Rally out of 9 available in the singleplayer. You need to win all 3 Special Stages in any WRC, Class 2 & Class 3 category car. That's 9 gold medals. Difficulty rating 4/5.

International Rallyist - 70
Reach a total of 45 minutes of racing in valid Online games

With an online stage lasting an average of roughly 3 minutes, you only need to complete 15 online races for this achievement. 16-17 races maximum if you do finish a few races just under 3 minutes. Make sure you cross the finish line, if you end up with a DNF then it won't count as a "Valid" online race.

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