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Originally Posted by smashingrascal View Post
Just putting this out here. But since the new title update (4). Does that mean this thread will have no use after this? Well, since the Encyclopedia thingy.
No. The Encylopedia shows you stats which are not definitive (often wrong/much lower) and it does not tell you the name of each item either unless you have already obtained the item, it will not give you the name of an item if you do not own it or have not owned it before - hence this page still remains relevant, it allows you to see the items without loading up your console. I see your point in questioning it's relevancy now, perhaps it is not as relevant as it once was - but nevertheless the encyclopaedia does not show lvl15 stats, this page will!

Pros to this page versus the in-game encyclopaedia:

- Shows names of items that you don't already own, game does not show these
- Will list lvl 15 item stats as they become known, game only shows up to lv10

I can now take all the images from the encyclopaedia too! This update has given me a lot of work to do!

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