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Vietnam DLC achievement session 3/11/13

What's going on guys I am creating a session on Trueachievements on 3/11/13 at 1900 EST for Vietnam DLC achievements.

Session is for Vietnam DLC achievements, mainly for gold stars for gun or the vehicle kills. Would like to get 8 people together, each person will get 2 turns for 15 minutes each turn for a total of 30 minutes to work on whatever achievement you wanted to. During this session you will be able to get 300-400 kills which is 3-4 gold stars if you need them and are curious. Last two will be for backups. Party invites will go out 5-10 minutes early.

Message me on LIVE if you are interested, I will leave the messages in my inbox till then. I will send out invites on 3/11/13 for however many slots need to be filled, gamertag is STREIGHTSHOOTER.

Thanks a lot in advance to all that want to help out and get a bunch of kills.