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Originally Posted by Veedrock View Post
Apparently there was a rule change for Ghosts of the Past that I missed, it can be done in co-op. That said I'm interested in doing a few runs so hit me up. Unfortunately this chapter has a number of sections where you're waiting on the AI, so I have a feeling luck will play a factor here.
Just done a run through solo, made a few mistakes, the Orgroman fight doesnt play as smooth as Jake's in my opinion as you have to be with Finn the whole time and waiting for the AI can be such a drag.... But managed to come in at just under 33 minutes. A lot faster than I anticipated.

Veedrock, I'd be happy to try a few co-op runs if we're both on at the same time. I'm off work this weekend, so that's cool.

It'll be interesting to see the first set of times after the update...
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