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I hope Siege Mode is the last VS DLC...


I tried it, and it came exactly as i expected, kill a creature is super easy, but killing an agent is just such a pain... Hell even boosting it , it took me a while to kill a player that was not even moving...until i used the crank in catacomb method. I didn't bough any skills tough yet, so maybe it make the mode a bit better... but really my initial reaction to this was "just another spoforific mode that was so not needed" I think they should had known by the way the agent hunt wasn't popular at all...

So i hope its the last DLC when it comes to VS... I would love a campaign DLC still, but at that point if they decide to just cap it at 1500 and let it go til Revelation, thats fine by me. Maybe they do will bring the Claire campaign we heard so much from the Wii, later this year. I dunno, in any case RE6 is not a game i would resell so i don't mind if they release the most wanted campaign DLC late this year, but i just hope there done wth the VS mode... piss me off to see my completion getting scrapped everything, having to pay 4$ just to have it back ... also wasting 8 hours of my life for it. Well at least the other day we where also chatting among friends while me and a buddy boosted this... better than nothing but well.

So i know capcom dont give a damn about here or what i think, but god i hope this was the last DLC in term of VS mode... there been way too much already.

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