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Originally Posted by laufujai View Post
Just done a run through solo, made a few mistakes, the Orgroman fight doesnt play as smooth as Jake's in my opinion as you have to be with Finn the whole time and waiting for the AI can be such a drag.... But managed to come in at just under 33 minutes. A lot faster than I anticipated.

Veedrock, I'd be happy to try a few co-op runs if we're both on at the same time. I'm off work this weekend, so that's cool.

It'll be interesting to see the first set of times after the update...
Just finished a few runs Amateur - Pro Chris and Ogroman is easily killable with him, if you've got Firearm lvl 3 and AR Master skills. Down it then unload a full clip in the organ and do the QTE kill, just do that twice for the one where you have to pull the organ out. Worked perfectly on each difficulty, I never used Piers though he doesn't get the Assault Rifle does he? Oh yeah I managed 27:40 as my fastest time so far with the worst being 31.
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