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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
World Set Complete! 30
Collect all of the World Collectables within a world.

See ‘Compulsive Collector’

Compulsive Collector 90
Collect all of the World Collectables in the game.

In each world there are 9 levels with 3 collectables in each. Collecting all of those collectable will give you this achievement.
Each world has a different type of collectable, for example, Pirates of the Caribbean – Ships in bottles, Alice – ‘Drink Me’ potions, etc.

Collectables Guide!!

Suit Up! 15
Purchase a costume.

See ‘Dressed For Success!’

Dressed for Success! 30
Purchase all the costumes.

When you complete locations, you get a costume. For this achievement, you have to complete each location twice in order to get every costume. Buy them all, and its yours.
Note: DLC Costumes do not count towards this achievement.

Four Star Costume! 15
Fully upgrade a costume.

See ‘Ultimate Cosmic Power!’

World of Hurt! 30
Fully upgrade all of a world’s costumes.

See ‘Ultimate Cosmic Power!’

Ultimate Cosmic Power! 90
Fully upgrade all of the costumes in the game.

This one can be a bit of a grind. It requires you to collect three blue stars for every costume in the game.
There are usually a couple of blue stars throughout each location, so missing one shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Once you max out a character, pick a new one and keep going.
Note: DLC Costumes do not count towards this achievement.

Challenge Addict 15
Play 50 Challenges.

See ‘For The Win!’

For The Win! 30
Win 50 Challenges

Every time you see a game console, that’s a challenge. Playing and winning the challenge will earn you one point towards this. Don’t stress too much if you fail a challenge, there are plenty for you to play. If you do finish you’re second play through and you still haven’t got this achievement, keep playing the levels until you do, the challenges aren’t too difficult.

The Bigger They Are… 15
Defeat the Brute

See ‘Bad Dog!’
100%: 1000: 13, 450: 1, 400: 2, 200: 6, 50: 1.
80%+: 21

x360a Guides:

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