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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Giddy Up! 15
Defeat and Enemy whilst riding an animal.

Throughout your levels, you will see animals that you can ride around on. When enemies appear, jump on one of the animals and hit to attack. Upon killing an enemy, this will pop.

Freeze! 15
Defeat 5 enemies using a single Snowman power-up.

See ‘Rapid Fire’

Boxing Clever 15
Defeat 5 enemies using a single Power Punch power-up.

See ‘Rapid Fire’

Bad Hair Day 15
Defeat 5 enemies using a single Medusa power-up.

See ‘Rapid Fire’

Rapid Fire 15
Defeat 5 enemies using a single Shooter power-up.

When the Blue VIC cube is on the screen, it means you can get a power up. Getting the right one and killing 5 enemies with it will get you the achievements. These can also be obtained in the HEX challenges.

Tag! You’re it! 15
Transfer a curse to another player.

This achievement can also be gained alongside ‘All Together Now’.
When a red HEX cube pops up on the screen (which only comes up in multiplayer) you’ll get a curse. Some of them are transferable. In which case, run up to the other players and bump into them, giving you the achievement.

Unstoppable! 15
Complete a level without respawning.

This one can be quite tricky, but is not impossible at all. Be careful of enemies like the Roto and the Brute, as they do a lot of damage very fast. Any jumping you have to do, make sure you time them correctly so you don’t fall off the level. If you’re playing in multiplayer, try to avoid the HEX cube, as the curses generally kill you afterwards. One of the easiest levels to do it in is the first Pirate’s level. One you finish it, if you haven’t respawned, the achievement is yours.

Old School 10
Complete a level without using help arrows.

If you go into "Options" menu you’ll be able to turn the Help Arrows off, and then complete any stage. Once you've earned this achievement, return to the "Options" screen and turn the Help Arrows back on again, as they can be very helpful later in the game.
100%: 1000: 13, 450: 1, 400: 2, 200: 6, 50: 1.
80%+: 21

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