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Originally Posted by xKRAIZEEMANx View Post
Either way, good news!!
Not for me. Telltale's The Walking Dead is all about Lee. Lee, Lee, Lee. Started the game in handcuffs, ends the game in handcuffs. Real man. I mean, there's a point in time where we shouldn't go and dish out a sequel, just because we can. If Telltale keeps going, us players will only keep getting more and more disappointed with the franchise as time goes on.

"Season 1" ended perfectly, a great conclusion that people STILL talk about, nearly four months after No Time Left was released. Lee's story is FINISHED, and Season 1 was all about Lee. Not Clementine. Season 2 can focus on her, sure, but how long will that keep going? What will Telltale do? Have her run across the state looking for a boat? I don't think so, and I certainly don't hope so. There's only so much that we can experience in a franchise like this before everything turns stale. The uncertainty and ambiguousness of the ending was perfect. I'm positive you watched Christopher Nolan's Inception. Remember how that story ended? There was a definant conclusion, save for two characters. We don't need an Inception 2 to peek into what happens to those two, we might just run into something disgusting we regret poking our noses into.

I really like it when a developer explores new territory, however. Look at a franchise like Bioshock. See how well the first one did? And then the second one? But now...the third game will have an ENTIRELY new setting, with ENTIRELY new characters. Hardly any correlation between the cities of Rapture and Columbia, except that they were created with the intention of being a utopia.

So if Telltale DOES make a Season 2 of The Walking Dead, I'd rather it wouldn't feature Clementine, or Omid, or Christa.

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