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Need confirmation for rank character costumes unlock

as the title says
after the recent update now we all know we can get each characters
costumes by simply playing ranked online matches

info from this teamninjas site
scroll at the bottom and you will see that info

my question is for unlocking lisa/mariposa costumes if we play
200 rank matches will it also unlock her other costumes
(assuming that u havent unlock any of hers yet which is in my case)
before we finally unlock the rare the info from the site
it says for every 10 ranks played u will unlock a costume for that character that u used in the rank match...
a good idea would be to divide 10 rank matches with other characters
that u want the costumes unlock for
then after 150 rankgames just choose lisa for the next 50 rank matches
has any1 tried this method out yet?

and achievemnt guide needs to be updated if this is confirmed to work
which should save a lot of time for others struggling to get those rare costumes
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