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Originally Posted by InsaneKane87 View Post
I've read a few comments here but have been trying to get better buffs for my warrior and it's not easy. All I seem to get are orange ones that I can't transfer to my main weapon. I really want Rush or Charge Attack and my god I can't get them in white.

As I just saw above I can never seem to get the Lightning Enchant Effect or anyone of those to add either. Been playing and playing as much as I can as my Warrior now, I don't need better items just some good buffs.
What level are you? I didnt get my first charged attack until high 20's and it was orange, since I hit level 31 I've gotten about 3 white charged attacks and Im level 37. And that was playing every single game as a warrior. I got them all from quick match also. As for lightning enchant, KO effect ambush/attack up lvl 3 and rush. I have never gotten them in orange or white yet. I just recently started playing Cleric, so I will probably never see those buffs that I wanted.
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