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Did the achievement glitch on your account?
Nanosuit Veteran and Halfway to Hell still locked, Bring it On and Professional Superhero unlocked.

Did you start out on SuperSoldier Difficulty?

Did the Veteran 3/7 achievement unlock?

Did you access the tutorial from a new game or through the menu?
New Game, whatever pops up in the Main Menu for your first playthrough.

Prior to campaign completion, did you replay missions through mission select?

If it didn't unlock initially, how did you finally get it to pop?
3/7 progress achievements still locked. 7/7 progress achievements unlocked.

Did you press the X button to skip cutscenes either at the end of a chapter or during a mission briefing?

Once I beat the 3rd level the game did freeze though, and I did have to replay the last section of the level from the "continue from last checkpoint" selection.

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