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Originally Posted by Rascalov View Post
I need some tips for Mission 18. I can get to Wave 3 reliably but I just don't know how to deal with the Fenrir. What weapon should I be using?
VR18 is all about where the enemies are spawning. So at wave 3 if you know where they all gonna spawn stay a little bit in front of them to the right. If you in the right position the dog will do his spear attack stunning at least one of the bersekers.

Then what I did was keep only focused on the dog and stay close to it otherwise it would use his beam attack what is really hard to dogde. Keep counter-parrying his attack and when succesfull you can kill him. Then focus on the berserkers with a charged sai (my preference). Just message me on Live with any questions. You're on my FL.
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