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Originally Posted by head0r Inc View Post
Hey guys,

anyone of you got the same issue? Or just know how to fix it?
The DLC isn't showing up in fast travel, I don't know why.. I am level 50 and got a save which is at the end of the game, so that can't be the problem. There simply isn't any fasttravel option here. (I got the disc version of this dlc, tried to install it over and over again without success)

Hopefully someone knows whats going on.. thank you

Originally Posted by JustinL
We are aware of a possible issue with Borderlands 2 DLC Add-On Pack where players are unable to access DLC content.

Our engineers are currently looking into this.

In order to further the investigation, please create a support ticket with the following:

Are you connected to Xbox Live?
What type of LIVE service do you have? Family, Silver or Gold?
Which on-disc packs have you installed?
What order did you install the packs?
Did you download the Compatibility Pack and Title Update from Xbox LIVE? If so, did you do it before or after installing the compatibility pack included with the Add-on?
Did you delete the Title Update, by clearing the system cache, before playing?
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