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To get the "Reunion" timeline page you have to play the Legendary side of the Boss Battle "Hero and Avenger"

Great Guide by the way.


For the Last Battle (how i did it)

5 and 6 tails: Best bet is to run away from the Six Tails and get the Five Tails close to you and take him out. You wont have to worry about the Six tails since his long range attacks sucks. Once you take the Five Tails out you can easily defeat the Six

4 and 7: I went and rushed the Four Tails with the help of Bee, Try to dodge the Seven Tails range attacks when you see them by you. If your substitution runs out then try running around the area until it recharges and finish of the Four Tail. Once you have to Seven Tails alone Spam the Wind Shuriken Y+X from far away and use Bee to hit im. Do that until it is defeated.

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