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Originally Posted by Drewbayeor View Post
I have been on quite a few times and the FFA lobby has been empty so all we need is 6 total so I am gonna set up a few times to jump on. Each time I will wait for a group for 30 minutes and if we get in I am willing to boost til everyone is done. REMINDER THESE SESSIONS ARE FOR SKILL KILLS AND NOT EXP!

Monday March 11 at 9p CST (3a gmt)
Thursday March 14 at 8p CST (2a gmt)
Saturday March 16 at 9a CST (3p gmt)

If these times work drop me a message on here or xbl if not we will try again.
I'll be on for the 14 and 16 for the skill kills and anything else people are helping with, I'll return the favor as well by staying on and helping anyone that needs the achievements. It's a dead game, I just picked it up today, mostly for the story, but would like to get the achievements as well.
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