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Just read that this is now due out on April 8th....

GAMES DEVELOPER 343 Industries will release the third map pack add-on for Halo 4 on 8 April.

That's a month from now, more or less, so you'd better start getting ready for it now. Premium players will find it offered to them on a plate as part of the deluxe version of Halo. Others will be ready for it because they coughed up for the complete map set in advance. The rest of us will have to spring with hard cash, or in this case 800 Xbox points, for it.

The Castle Map Pack has been developed by Certain Affinity and 343 Industries. In it you get three medium to large maps that are well suited to vehicle based battles. You can't argue with that. It sounds very cool indeed.

According to those that issue it, it's a big game, big team player paradise. The three maps are called Daybreak, Outcast and Perdition. In order they are based in a military facility, some natural tunnels, and an urban battleground, respectively.

Points collectors among us will like the fact that the three maps pack includes nine new achievements to grab.

There is a trailer, but you need Silverlight to watch it. What can we say? In the world of games where people shoot at other people on foot or in vehicles this looks like a great little addition.

343 Industries offered some descriptions of what you might do in each map. Daybreak sounds good for organised team play and include Banshees and Warthogs, and the necessary rocket launcher for dispatching them. It should have some appeal for snipers too, so make sure you run and grab that when the match kicks off.

Outcast pits Mantis against Wraiths. If you like that sort of thing, then that is going to be cool. The blurb we got says that team players must stay in contact with each other if they are to prosper, so please try to leave your respective mothers out of any chat.

Perdition is another treat for snipers. But fear not, apparently there is a gravity hammer, and it's always fun to smash some revenge into a cool, well hidden sharpshooter with one of those.

The maps bring new playlists. Steel yourself for six versus six, which will be ideal for gamers with five friends.

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